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Buick Forum: Snow tires avaialble for 2016 Buick Cascada?
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    Question Snow tires avaialble for 2016 Buick Cascada?

    I very much enjoyed my summer with the Buick Cascada, leased at end of April. I survived the small trunk and learned I could have NOTHING inside the car that might fly out. I'm new to the convertible world so this was a change for me. Loved XM classic rock stations with the top down.

    But we are experienced our first snow fall in Michigan. This car handles poorly. I had to call in late for work because I couldn't get by a little slush just to get out of the subdivision. Never had a problem with that before. I could not get up my driveway for 30 minutes, requiring a couple of heave-hoes from passerby's--just s few inches of snow having shoveled prior. I've never had problems getting up my driveway in the 20 years I've lived here. We are talking 30-40 feet, small incline. My driveway is now clear and just got stuck on top of a small patch of ice that happened to be under the front tires. The back tires were on dry pavement. It is hard to explain, but I only had a small spot to maneuver to get by another vehicle in the driveway to get into my garage. I had to get out and get salt under the front tires.

    I took the car in for an oil change just 5 days ago (before the big snow).Knowing these tires are TINY, I asked if I needed to put snow tires on and was told " you really don't need them; so, only if you want to". Do they make snow tires for this car?

    Is the problem that the front is top heavy, on top of front wheel drive?

    A friend of mine who encouraged the acquisition of the car said maybe they figured people wouldn't drive a convertible in the winter. But the car is made in POLAND! And, it has a seat heater and steering wheel heater---doubt that is for summer fun. (Though I do use them on cooler summer/spring/fall days/evenings so I can tolerate top down at 50 degrees.)

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Snow tires avaialble for 2016 Buick Cascada?

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    100% Get winter tires! Not only on smaller low to the ground vehicles such as your Cascada but on any car truck or SUV if the temps are around or below freezing proper winter tires are a must the only people who would say you can manage without are people who have never experienced the difference winter tires can make, I would encourage you to ask anyone you know with winter tires if they would ever consider going without again and I guarantee all will say they are a must have for Michigan winters! Just think all those winter tires have to do is save you from 1 accident and they have paid for themselves a million times over!

    I have personally used both Michelin X-ICE XI3 series tires on my wifes last car (08 Chevrolet Cobalt) and just bought a set of winter rims and tires for her new Buick Encore this time went with Good Year Ultra Grip tires which have performed great and are relatively inexpensive. Having said that if you dont mind spending a bit extra I found the Michelin X-Ice to be the best winter tires I've ever experienced.

    My other quick tip would be to go to a winter rim of smaller size ( 16") that way you dont have to have the tires stretched on and off your regular rims every season plus you will save the nice 18" rims from all they corrosive salt they dump on the roads all winter! If you do end up going with winter tires please post back and let the forum know if you think they were worth it I think there are alot of people who are on the fence about getting winter tires or making do with all season's that would find your personal experience useful!

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