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Buick Forum: Memory seat frustration
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    Memory seat frustration

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    Buick Encore 2015, wife loves the vehicle. But has been getting really mad with the memory seat acting crazy.
    #1 button set to wife
    #2 button set to son

    Son will push the button to get his settings on the seat and mirrors. He will drive a few times and give the car back to wife. She then hits button #1 to get her settings and nothing happens? It seems the 1 button is now also set to the 2 settings for my son. This has happened multiple times. We have verified that our son is not fat fingering the buttons and saving both to his settings. He is currently extremely paranoid of f'ing up the settings because of all the attention we have put on it.

    We do not have the RKE set to write to the FOB. When that is turned on it is a nightmare to get the seats to function right. When that is on we had to change FOBs around to get it to function sometimes. What I mean is that it seemed to be writing the setting from button 1 on one FOB and button 2 to the other FOB and of course this was opposite of who had each FOB. Once we changed the FOBs around it seemed to work mostly.

    It does seem to work a little more stable when writing to the FOB but now once we turn it off the buttons don't work right. This is starting to really frustrate my wife. Is there someway to reset these settings and make it work right? Or did we just get a crazy lemon and need to go to the dealership and make them fix it. And of course as soon as we take it in the seats will work correctly.

    Anybody else seeing anything similar? How do your memory seats work?

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    Re: Memory seat frustration

    I am the only driver, but the seat goes back to where the last person left it. So if a tech drives the car, the seat will remain where he left it. I have to push the number 1 button to restore my settings. Sometimes if I get out to get gas or put something in the back, the seat will not automatically return to my settings.

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    Re: Memory seat frustration

    Every time the ignition is placed in
    OFF, the positions of the driver seat
    and outside mirrors are
    automatically stored to the RKE
    transmitter that was used to start
    the vehicle. These positions and
    settings are called RKE Memory
    positions and may be different than
    the previously mentioned Button
    Memory positions saved to the
    “1” or “2” buttons.

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    Re: Memory seat frustration

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    I always use the same key fob. My seat positions have been messed up a few times for no reason. I am the only driver, except for when I take it to the dealer, then I tell them they can move the seat up and back but do not touch any of the other buttons. Seems the more complicated things get, the more chances there are for screw ups.

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