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Buick Forum: Buick/GM Refuses to Honor Warranty
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    Buick/GM Refuses to Honor Warranty

    I have a 2016 Buick Regal with 11K mikes. The windshield recently developed a crack in the left lower corner. The crack started at the bottom edge (below the dash) about 8 inches from the lower left corner. Over several days, the crack slowly spread up and to the left, ending at the left edge of the windshield about 6 inches from the lower left corner. The crack is in the inner laminated glass only.

    I took the car to a Buick dealer to see if the windshield can be replaced under warranty. The service advisor claimed it was a stress crack, but wanted to check with the GM Zone Rep. before proceeding. After waiting a week without hearing from the dealer, I contacted them and was told the GM Zone Rep. denied the warranty claim because he felt something hit the windshield causing the crack. The windshield has no signs of any impact on it. The GM Zone Rep. never actually inspected the car.

    I also took the car to a glass shop for their opinion. The glass shop claimed the crack was caused by either a defect in the windshield, improper installation or body flex.

    I then contacted Buick/GM Customer Support an spoke with a Senior Customer Relations Specialist. Their response was the same, denying a warranty claim to replace the windshield.

    Apparently is is a known issue on 2013-2014 Buick Regals. Looks like the problem was not corrected the first time around.

    Buick/GM will not stand behind their vehicles and honor their warranty for a problem caused by poor assembly or materials.

    Over the years, I've purchased 7 new GM cars and trucks. Never had issues with warranty claims until now. It only takes one time to loose a customer.

    At this point I have no other option but pay to have the windshield replaced myself.

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    Re: Buick/GM Refuses to Honor Warranty

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    Update on this. After escalating the issue, Buick/GM relented and agreed to replace the windshield under warranty. I dropped the car off at the dealer in the morning, got it back later that day. Nice clean installation. I’m satisfied with the outcome although it took some time and effort to get there.

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