Here is the story on my Buick.
In 1996, my cousin, Michael Bradley, who plays golf professionally, won in the Buick Open/Buick Classic. Part of his prize was this Riviera. He drove it home and gave it to his dad, my Uncle. My Uncle had the car for 19 years in Florida, where it was always garage kept. He was also the only driver it ever had until his death in 2016 when I obtained the car. She hadn't ben on the highway in a number of years, just around Tampa, but she did good on the 8 hour drive back to Marietta, GA.

Once I got the car home, it needed certain things fixed. The seats wouldn't move as they never needed to be as he was the only driver. I removed both front seats and moved all gears manually then greased them. Put the seats back in and are back to normal. The temp would not get hot on drivers side as he never had to use the heat. I put new actuators in drivers side and heat and air work perfectly now. Shortly before he died, he spent almost 1k on a new ac compressor at a dealer and had ac system serviced. It was always serviced at a dealer and I have a bunch of paperwork proving this. I still have the original window sticker that was never installed on the car.

I know the 3800 engine is known for intake gasket failure, so last month I put on new valve cover gaskets, super charger gasket and lower intake manifold gaskets. The intake manifold gaskets weren't too bad but I do things as preventative maintenance. I have pics to prove all work that I did. I also put in a new thermostat. My uncle had coolant system flushed and a new radiator installed shortly prior to passing.

The car has great Michelin tires on it too.

Only a few things that one might want to fix. They didn't bother me so I did nothing about them. The antenna does not go down but radio works perfectly. The gas gauge works only when it wants too. I drove the car 16.5 hours straight to Cooperstown, NY last July and same coming home and I would drive 350 miles then stop for gas. I know it needs a new sending unit which is easy to replace, but again it didnt bother me. The wipers come on and work, however you have to move switch in between notches to turn them off. Short in multi function switch I am guessing? The final thing is a month ago, a rock chipped windshield and there is a small crack now. Not in the line of sight, so not to worry.

I am in Marietta, GA which is about 14 miles north of Atlanta. Feel free to text me if interested in the car. My price is $3250 FIRM.

video is.......

Craig 770-510-3750