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Buick Forum: Best non-emission carb replacement 1983 5L Riviera
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    Best non-emission carb replacement 1983 5L Riviera

    I definitely want to replace my stock emission carb and remove the air pump etc. and all of the mass components-vacuum lines...etc. etc. and clean up my engine compartment-hopefully get better fuel mileage and performance etc. and go with a non-emission carb.
    4bl or 2bl as I pretty much just putt around in it and kicking in to a 4bl is not that important to me unless I would loose to much performance.

    Can anyone recommend a good replacement carb that I might go with that would fit properly and bolt up/hook up with out to many headaches?

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    Re: Best non-emission carb replacement 1983 5L Riviera

    I honestly don't think your mileage will be any better with a carburetor other than your stock Quadrajet. The engine in your car is either the 305 Chevy, or 307 Oldsmobile engine. Both of them are gutless engines, very low performance. It really isn't worth doing anything to them IMO. If I wanted better performance, I would look at swapping in an earlier Oldsmobile 350, or even a 403 engine as that would probably be a relatively easy swap. If you have the 305, you really have the option of any crate engine out of the Sumitt or Jegs catalog. Better performance and mileage if you pick the right one.

    Over on www.v8buick, there are 2 guys who specialize in custom building Quadrajets. One is in Connecticut, the other in Texas. I could put you in touch with either or both of them if you like.
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    Re: Best non-emission carb replacement 1983 5L Riviera

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    Quadrajets are the best option for that particular vehicle! Small primaries & huge secondaries are the way to go. Look at the late-mid '60's 4-barrel carbs, a lot of options out there. Don't even think about the Rochester 2-barrel, mileage will suffer.

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