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Buick Forum: 2006 Century Low Beams Don't Work
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    2006 Century Low Beams Don't Work

    Just bought son 2006 Century. While the DRL work fine, neither low beam lights work any longer. Engaging the light switch on upper left side of dashboard turns-on brights in all the switch's positions. Cold both low beams be burned-out? Wiring challenge?Anybody know what's going on?
    Thanks. Steve

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    SD73 is offline Full Member My Buick(s): 2006 Buick LaCrosse CX
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    Re: 2006 Century Low Beams Don't Work

    Check relay #35 in the underhood fuse box. That was a recall item and a safety issue. The dealer should replace it free if that's the issue. I've grabbed a few of those relays from the junkyard and keep them in the glove box should it ever happen to me.

    Oh sorry. This applies to the 2006 LaCrosse.

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    Re: 2006 Century Low Beams Don't Work

    the most obvious thing to check is the bulbs. Next look in your owners manual in the electrical section to see if there is a low beam fuse or relay.

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    ryenie is offline Full Member My Buick(s): 95 Monte Carlo L36
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    Re: 2006 Century Low Beams Don't Work

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    If the high beams are stuck on i would think it's an issue with the multifunction switch (turn signal lever)(also houses the switch for the high\low beams). The low beam uses the same fuse as the high beam for each side, so if high beams work, fuse is good for low beams. If it were an issue with the low beams you would be able to at least get the high beams to turn off. So at the moment it sounds like you can't switch between the two, and that function is controlled by the multifunction switch. Also 2005 was the last model year for the century. In 06 the century was replaced by the LaCrosse. Above information based off of 2005 Century.
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