In the 2017 incarnation of Intellilink things are mostly better than what I had in my 2014 Buick Encore, but one thing is worse: Text message notifications.

Specifically, I get two chimes for each message. Only one alert is shown in the Driver Information Center and in the Text Messages section of Intellilink. However, the chime is doubled with a half-second pause.

I guess it's possible that the audio notification itself consists of two identical sounds, so that one notification sounds like two.

My Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, paired via Bluetooth works very well otherwise. However, when in a call and a text message arrives, it's quite jarring to the person I'm talking to and myself. First the phone makes it's own audible notification, which is sent out over the car speakers because a call is in progress. Then a few moments later, Intellilink has it's much louder chime, which seems to be repeated, and is accompanied by a DIC notification.

So, anytime I'm in a call and start to get text messages, it's a noisy experience - three sounds over the course of several seconds.

I know I can turn off Text Message Notifications, but that turns off visual notifications as well as aural sounds. I just want to control the aural notification. It sure seems like it's a bug that the sound gets repeated twice. I also wish it wouldn't sound at all during calls.