Having an issue and was hoping someone had the same issue at one point and would know how to fix it. I'm a typical DIY guy working at a auto parts store but this one has me and my co-workers stumped. So my turn signals will not turn on at all but when i hit the hazards they flash with no issue, checked all fuses and tried switching relay boxes under the hood to try to fix the problem, even went and got a junkyard multi-function switch to see if that may have been the issue yet no fix yet. Even tore the dash apart and replaced the flasher while the new switch was in, still the same problem of the hazards flash but the turn signals wont turn on. Also noted that the drl running light bar on the back of the trunk stopped working as well but the license plate lights still work. just wondering if there is a short in the wiring preventing the turn signals from working or if it may be some sort of module malfunctioning. Any input would be greatly appreciated.