Got an ls with coolant problems. Car has had leaking elbows for a while, but never had a chance to replace them until recently. Everything in the car worked fine. Only thing I would have to do is top off the coolant once a week. This is where it starts to get bad and everything happens at once for some odd reason. Everything bad happens as soon as I recently changed the elbows and now my a c condenser won't turn back on. I unlugged the battery to reset codes and still nothing Blows hot air even on vent mode. I checked fuses under the hood and dash, all good. No idea why My a c condenser just quits working. I didn't touch anything when doing the elbows. Just topped off the coolant. My radiator cap was leaking so I replaced that. Which now leads me to have collapsed upper radiator hose. (No plugged or kinked over flow hose) not sure if the new radiator cap I bought just is bad and not venting properly or what. My temp gauge is reading little bit above the half line at idle which it never got that high. I can still smell coolant. The elbows are not leaking and the water pump is not either. Hoses are intact. Honestly was better off driving around with a leaking elbow. Where do I start?