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Buick Forum: 1997 Buick century blowin gets white smoke
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    1997 Buick century blowin gets white smoke

    I just purchased a 1997 Buick Century it has sat for a while. I started the vehicle and when I started it a decent amount of white smoke came out of the exhaust pipe but as I drove down the road the smoke got less and less. Like I said the car has sat for a while and needs general maintenance from plugs and wires to all fluids changed. I had the same problem with my Mustang and it ended up being the valve cover gasket‘s getting oil on the spark plugs and that’s what caused the path of white smoke when I started I change those ended up messing up and caused a head Gasket problem I’m trying to avoid that now. I know nothing about Buick’s so I’m trying to see if there is something I should look for or if there something in common in these years and models that will tell me why the car is blowing smoke I would love to avoid a head gasket issue. Any info that could help me along would be highly appreciated thank you

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    Re: 1997 Buick century blowin gets white smoke

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    First thing I'd do is take it for a good long drive and see if the smoke continues. If it's coming from the engine, it's probably a leaking valve cover gasket. If the exhaust, it may be oil that leaked in from sitting. I'd not worry if the smoke stops after a few drives. How long did it sit?

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