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Buick Forum: Service Battery Charging System Light
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    Service Battery Charging System Light

    I have a 2012 Verano... I had to replace the battery in August and then had a new alternator put in 2 weeks ago since that was apparently the actual problem. The first time I drove the car after the alternator was put in I noticed the "Service Battery Charging System" light was on... that's the first time I had seen that light and it has been on ever since. The car runs fine... I have driven it for almost 2 weeks with not a single issue... but the light won't go off. I've used a code reader and it doesn't pull any codes. We have checked all the wires related to the alternator... I do not believe there is actually a problem other than the light is stuck on... Has anyone experienced this before? I am supposed to trade the car in on Thursday for a new car and I really need to get this light off before then. Thanks for any help!!
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    Re: Service Battery Charging System Light

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    Have you tried disconnecting the battery for a few minutes to see if that clears it?
    If that doesn't work and you are definitely sure that all battery and alternator connections are secure then you may still have a bad alternator?
    I've seen brand new and also rebuilt parts be bad right out of the box.
    I'm guessing the alternator should be putting out between 14 and 14.5 amps?
    Other than that, it may take a trip to a service shop?

    In too many ways I actually hate all of the overly complicated "electronics" they have put into these new cars.
    Something as simple as changing a battery or alternator ends up being a PITA.

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