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Buick Forum: 1993 Roadmaster
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Thread: 1993 Roadmaster

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    1993 Roadmaster

    New to the forum and to Roadmasters so I'm looking for all the tips and advice I can get. I first went to the sticky pages, especially the one that says "what to look for when buying" but none of the links work so I'm posting this in the forum. I'm moving away from my 98 Town Car and going to look at a Roadmaster this weekend. Just trying to figure out what the weaknesses are, what to look for and what to avoid.

    It's a 1993 with just over 120K on it. Guy says it was his mother in laws for over 17 years and it's in pretty decent shape and not a cloth top (thank god). I know the LT1 didn't come out until 94 but from what I've read so far the 5.7 LO5 is has is pretty bulletproof and doesn't have the optispark issues like the LT1. Any advice you can give me on what to look for is much appreciated.

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    Re: 1993 Roadmaster

    The transmission (4L60) is not the the hardiest. Electric window guides tend to fail. If you have the wagon, the rear wiper tends to be a problem. Air conditioning water condenses onto right side floor, making the carpet wet. The Roadmaster has more flimsy cosmetic trim pieces that don't age well and tend to loosen and come off. Potential for radiator issues, including the heater core. Fan blower motor gets weaker over time. Rear spark plugs are hard to get to. On the LT-1 the water pump is incionveniently located, I don't know if that is the case on yours. Like all GMs, headliner glue drying out is an issue. If your ignition does NOT have a chip, you are blessed. Heater resistor can partially burn out so you have only one or two speeds (I posted how to fix that here, $20 part). You may want to get replacement front headlamps (aftermarket are not too expensive) if the ones on the car are scuffed up/hazy.

    That's the bad.

    GM V-8s are good. Drivetrain other than the transmission are solid. Sheet metal is good (though the wood grain on the wagon tends to peel). Suspension should be good (Mopar's problem). Ditto steering. Brakes wear, but gracefully.

    My experience is with the wagon version, both Roadmaster ('94) and Caprice (also '94).

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    Re: 1993 Roadmaster

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