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Buick Forum: working on the kids beater
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    working on the kids beater

    my wife was complaining that the kids' beater had some vibrations when breaking and other issues, so I finally gave in and bought rotors and brake pads for the car. It's a 1999 Ford Escort that I used to an airport car so it sat in parking lots in snow and crap for weeks. I never did any maintenance on it because I was just going to drive the wheels off of it and dump it. Well we decided to give it to my son to drive instead.

    So anyways, I pull the calipers and rotors off. This involved pry bars and lots of wd-40 because the thing is an epic rust heap. So the next thing I see is the above picture. Sway bar linkage is pretty much gone, the bolt rusted through and snapped off. Go to O'reillys no luck, Ford dealer no luck, Auto Zone, score. Dude asks me if I want 2 so I can replace them both. Me, nope I'm a cheap ass, gimme one. So I get that side buttoned up, move on to the other side. Spray, pry, hammer, get rotor off. Sonofabitch, the other one is rusted through and snapped off. Back to Auto Zone, buy another one and get everything squared away. The tires are bad, one is bulging out the sidewall. So I take it around the block, no vibrations, no wobbly steering, brakes work good. Car has an exhaust leak and sounds like crap. I crawl underneath the flew pipe is rotted away.

    Moral of the story, the kids are going to get a lesson in vehicle maintenance and I'm going to buying tires and exhaust for this pile. I did make my son observe and do all the BS work and learn something. I need to pay more attention vehicles in this household that aren't mine.

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    Re: working on the kids beater

    Only a handful of kids at my school could work on cars. The rest, even today, can't do much. Good for you teaching your son the art of wrenching.
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    Re: working on the kids beater

    Yeah, any car more than about 8 years in the rust belt, you can guarantee the sway bar endlinks have disintegrated. Might want to check the rear bar endlinks too while you're at it. On the bright side at least it won't wallow in the turns as much.

    Honestly for like $10 bucks you can buy a set with SS bolts and poly bushings, then it'll never happen again.
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    Re: working on the kids beater

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    Good luck, I am looking forward to seeing great changes.

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