Just wanted to post a warning for anyone with a Buick here in south FL. I took my 2012 GS in to Delray Beach Buick/GMC to have and oil change and a tail lamp replaced. While the car was there they also said I needed a new belt as they were seeing cracks. Now, when I took the car in, it was running PERFECT. No buzzing, shakes, rode smooth, drove smooth as glass (and thats why i bought the car). When I picked my car up, I noticed a weird vibration at start up. I thought maybe the belt tensioner maybe hydraulic so I drove out thinking the vibration would go away. It did not. I noticed it got worse and the rpms climbed and got really noticeable around 2-2500rpm. The car also had lost a lot of low end power and in the higher gears (4-6) i could floor it and the car did not want to go! I called the dealer back and told them of the issue. They said bring it back in the morning and we will take care of it. Once I arrived the next day I told the service writer of the issue and that i was VERY upset. He came out, started the car and said he didnt feel anything, the tech that worked on the car came out and said the same. Its pretty pathetic that I could realize the issue right away and trained "professionals" couldnt. So i got MAD, they got their Service Manager out and he said lets go out for a test ride, Ill show you the car is ok. I let him drive, and as soon as he pulled out of the dealership he hammered on my car and said, see, everything is fine. I could feel from the passenger seat that it wasnt and started fighting with him. I told him that my girl never drives this car and she felt the problem from the passenger seat right away. He would not admit there was a problem with my car that THEY caused. He kept telling me that they plugged it into their computers and everything is OK and that there is nothing he could do for me. Then he proceeded to try to blame the fuel pump saying that I was low on gas, that I should never run the gas down until the light came on (which it was while they had it, and they took it out on a test drive that i did not approve of). I told him he was wrong, that I had never had any issues with this car until THEY serviced it. He offered to plug the car into the computers and run a scan again, but that if the computers didnt find anything, then they werent going to do anything. At this point i was so mad i just said screw it, ill go fill the car up and drive it for a week. Did that and NO change, problem got worse. I took the car to an independent shop for them to just look at to see if i was crazy, but their tech noticed the issue as soon as he started the car. His suggestion was to take it back to the dealer since it was under warranty and suggested to look at the motor mounts. I did so, and after fighting with the dealer they looked at those and found they were torn. They were replaced under warranty but the problem still persists. They are trying to tell me my car is normal and i know it is not. Now in the high gears, under load, its feeling like the clutch is slipping or something very wrong is happening in the engine/trans .. when accelerating the car feels really choked up and has no power. I have no idea what the hell that dealer did to my Buick... but they wont own up to their ****ing my car up. Its so bad i dont even want this pile of shit anymore but its my only transportation. The car still runs, just like complete shit .. and I have Delray Buick GMC to thank for this. I will NEVER buy another GMC product again in my life. Which is really sad, because I LOVED my car when i bought it and sung praises about this car and buick to many people. Now im telling everyone to stay away. Its pretty ****ed up that a dealership can ruin a car you paid 25K for and then claim they did nothing, its not their problem and act like I am the problem because Im furious. I hope someone from corporate reads this because I will steer everyone I know away from Buick and that dealer. (my boss just bought a 17 gmc 2500 and i told him never to go to the delray dealer even though its the closest one).

Sorry about the long rant everyone, I just wanted to share my story and hopefully save others the headache of dealing with this TERRIBLE STEALERSHIP!!!!!!