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Buick Forum: 2006 LaCrosse passenger side mirror
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    2006 LaCrosse passenger side mirror

    I try to believe in the basic decency of my fellow humans, but when you go out to your car (parked on the left, outside my house, in a proper parking space, on a one way street), and see that someone has whacked the wing mirror and didn't have the manners to leave a note...well...let's just say that strong language was used. Whoever did it presumably has a smashed driver's side mirror covered in my green paint, that matches my smashed passenger side mirror covered in his white paint...

    Oddly, the glass didn't break - it's just the plastic housing that's smashed, so I was going to spend the day after Thanksgiving piecing it all back together with JB Weld and painting it, but a quick internet search reveals a company called Kool Vue mirrors sells a replacement for a shade under $40.

    Looking at their diagram, I'm guessing these mirrors are just plug and play - it looks like they have a socket rather than wiring. All I have to do is buy one, spray paint it, pull the old smashed one off the car and plug in (and bolt on) the new one?
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    Re: 2006 LaCrosse passenger side mirror

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    I'd find a used one in the same color.

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