A quick reply to this little thread I have a 2014 Verano with the 2.0 and a 6spd rare and hard to find. I got the car because my wife wanted a station wagon so I bought her a VW and ended up with the Verano. I love this little car it has the same engine as the Regal GS only in a smaller car it is sneaky fast and rides and drives as well as any car as I have had in years ( I have had many great VW's) I have been looking at the new Regal or an out going Regal GS but I cannot find a car I like as well as my Verano it has a great engine a manual trans and all the current safety features everyone wants. I would not remove the Buick badges from my car I am a proud Buick owner and it is not because my car is an old people car it is because it is a car that will run like stink when needed then pamper you when it is time to go get the groceries that is my Buick...RFHjr just want to add further if I was to buy a new 2018 I would probably buy the TourX just because it would be cool to have a Buick wagon that does not look like every other CUV on the market.