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Buick Forum: 2003 lesebre limited problems please help
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    2003 lesebre limited problems please help

    hi purchase 2003 Buick lesabre limited.

    Radio display working buttons are not back-lite?

    climate control works left half not back-lite? yes bought brand new climate control didn't solve the problem.

    steering wheel controls not lighting up either?

    door memory 1 & 2 not lights up...

    All other lights work fine.. dimmer switch seem to be fine..

    checked all fuses and replacement with new ones...

    wondering if this is one problem or several and if so how to solve? thanks

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    Re: 2003 lesebre limited problems please help

    You can replace the mini bulbs inside the assemblies. It took a while but I just memorized the buttons by touch.

    There are many how to videos on YouTube...
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    Re: 2003 lesebre limited problems please help

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    hi already replaced climate control ..

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