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Buick Forum: Add remote start after delivery
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    Add remote start after delivery

    Hi All,

    New to this forum but not forums in general. I came looking for some advice from the experts generally found on each forum. We are proud new owners of the Encore & wish that we had waited & ordered one from the factory - the reason - remote start. We live in SW Florida and the heat is unbearable, so any way to ease the suffering is an advantage.

    I figured the remote start would be a plug & play module & simple remote program as that would make sense. To me. Unfortunately after calling the local dealer to ask about the job he said it couldn’t be done - that the systems were so involved that it just wasn’t cost effective to do & would end up being a ridiculous amount of money. He may well be right, but I wanted to double check first as it doesn’t sound quite right still. Is this the case? Has anyone retrofitted a OEM system? If the answer is aftermarket, which one did you go with & what was the cost?

    Thanks in advance for any help & advice

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    Re: Add remote start after delivery

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    Best Buy has systems that are on sale periodically that include installation. YMMV with how well it works. No experience with them.
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