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Buick Forum: 05 Century front wheel hub bearing?
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    05 Century front wheel hub bearing?

    Hi, Need to replace a front wheel hub bearing assy on a 05 Century Custom.
    Not my vehicle. I cannot remember if it has abs or not. See there is a part
    number difference between abs and non abs. Looking at the part illustrations
    the only difference I can see is the wire harness for abs. If I order in a abs
    wheel hub assy. with abs,and it does not have abs,can I just cut the
    harness off? Life in a rural area so getting the parts ahead of time is the
    best for for me.

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    Re: 05 Century front wheel hub bearing?

    why would you spend the extra money on a ABS hub if you dont need it. You cannt ask the owner of the car if they see an ABS light on the dash when they turn the key to the run position?

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    Re: 05 Century front wheel hub bearing?

    I have an '05 Century custom and it has ABS, although I think it may be only the front wheels, not sure. The ABS light on the dash is an amber lighted sign. The modulator or motor is right with the brake master cylinder.

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    Re: 05 Century front wheel hub bearing?

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    If you have an ABS code that could be for any of all the four wheels, what is the ABS code? You need to get get that diagnosed with an ABS capable scanner to determine which side/front, or back is the problem.
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