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My 92 Lesabre Custom has an issue where twice now, I've tried to put the car in gear and found the shifter wouldn't move from park. Both times it happened when the car had been running a while. I parked momentarily and found that I couldn't get the car back in gear. In both situations, I turned the car off and back on, and it shifted fine again. No problems with the transmission leaking or slipping. It's a car with 50k original miles on it, so it hasn't seen too much wear.

In researching the issue, I ran across an odd part I had never heard of, the brake light switch. Apparently a failing one of these can cause the shift lock to get stuck. I took the kick panel off near the brake pedal, but didn't see anything that looked remotely like the pictures of the part I found in various listings online. I can find no documentation on how to swap this unit out on my year of Lesabre. Anyone had this issue before?


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Removal & Installation

Specific to:
Buick LeSabre 1986-1995
Buick Park Avenue 1996-1999
Oldsmobile 88 1992-1995
Oldsmobile Delta 88 1986-1988
Pontiac Bonneville 1987-1995
Disconnect the negative battery cable.

If necessary for access, remove the instrument panel sound insulator(s).

If equipped, loosen the tubular clip from the stoplight switch assembly.

Detach the electrical connector from the rear of the switch assembly.

On 1991-95 vehicles, disconnect the vacuum hose from the switch.

Remove the stoplight switch from the vehicle.

Connect the switch and install it, as shown in the accompanying figure. Make all of the connections, including the vacuum hose, before installing the switch. Make sure the connectors are fully seated.

Fully depress the brake pedal, then hold it in that position.

When pressing the switch into the mounting bracket, do NOT use more than 25 lbs. (111 Nm) of side load pressure to the 2 terminal housing connectors.

Install the switch, with all of the connections already made, into the mounting bracket. Press the switch in until you can't hear any more clicks, and all retaining tabs are seated.

Adjust the switch as outlined later in this section.

If removed, tighten the tubular clip to the stoplight switch assembly.

Install the instrument panel sound insulator.

Connect the negative battery cable.
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