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93 PAU Fuel Leak Fix Advice Needed!


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Buick Park Ave Ultra 1993
93 PAU 90k miles.

A "no crank - no start" issue that seemed resolved as weak battery returned. First change was that pumping the gas pedal several times was necessary before achieving crank. Then, this too failed and smelt a strong gas odor. Had intended to measure the fuel pressure but found no smell of gas within the engine bay.

Inspection found a puddle of gas at the rear passenger door. Another attempt to crank with vigorous pedal depressions garnered no crank but nearly a 1/2 cup of gasoline in a catch pan. Jacked her up cautiously on slightly sloped driveway and found that the fuel lines are entirely nylon right back to the tank. So it appears the gas had dripped down the fuel line from the junction of the steel pipe and the nylon quick connector.

The three fingers of steel pipe visible at the tank appeared completely corroded through; however, upon rubbing the pipes, this corrosion flaked off. The pipes feel round and smooth to the touch and do not appear to be the issue. As it is difficult to inspect them visually, coaxed a neighbor to pump the gas pedal some more but for some reason no gas leaked or apparently was pumped. Not certain why. Could the fuel pump itself have died?

The only near certainty seems to be that the leak is between the tank and the lowest point of the fuel line run which is at the rear passenger wheel well.

Presuming these are all original 26 yr old fuel lines, how best to proceed?
1. Change out all the fuel lines. If so, is there a source?
2. Run just a new supply line to a new fuel filter near the front wheel
3. Your wiser approach

Can barely fit a hand into the space where the fuel tank pipes are located and can feel no clips for the supposed male end of a quick connector at the tank. Was expecting a simple squeeze to release mechanism, but actually this might be the Dorman model female connector that is offered as replacement on Amazon.

Thanks for your input!

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97 Riviera supercharged 01 Park Ave Ultra. Had 87&84 century 97 Park Ave Ultra 97 LeSabre
Did you check your ring that hold your fuel pump in the tank? Mine rusted off on my97 Riviera I ended up making my own ring closure assembly or whatever you want to call it wouldn't do any harm opening that little access door in your trunk and seeing how things look. I've replaced every line in a couple cars and be honest with you I wouldn't waste my time on that hard plastic line it's a pain to work with and it wants to kink when you try to pull it save yourself a headache pay the money and put in fuel injection hose you don't need to heat it up with the heat gun or boiling water to push on a fitting or buy special tool like you do with the hard plastic stuff


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2000 Century
I replaced the fuel line in my 2000 Century. It also has 3 lines that are nylon from the tank, and metal forward.

The lines may feel ok after you knocked off the rust, but I bet that is where your leak is. The line that goes through the filter is pressurized.
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