93 Regal 3.8 won't start after repairs


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Buick Ownership
I've owned a '93 Regal 3.8L since November and have had a few issues since I bought it. This time, the engine ran for a bit and then suddenly quit while I was driving. I towed it home and have been working on it since.

The day it quit I had just replaced the coolant level sensor, oil level sensor and oil pressure sender. Previously the oil pressure sender was somehow causing the ignition circuit to short out and the car would not start. I replaced the sender and then my engine overheated that day because of unrelated reasons, and afterwards my engine would make chugging and clicking noises while it drove. I looked it up and thought that it was because the new oil pressure sender wasn't right for my car, and that my engine wasn't getting enough oil, so I replaced it again with an appropriate model and tried to drive it only for it to quit shortly thereafter. The 20 amp ignition fuse in the electrical center under the hood would blow with the first sender after it gave out.

I tested the sender's harness with a multimeter and everything was alright there, but I'm stumped. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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