95 Park Avenue dashboard blackout question

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Originally posted the query below, but when the kids got home my son said the battery cable was discovered to be loose, so, mystery solved. Tried to delete my post because it became irrelevant, but all it would do was let me edit, so just let it go:

Our 95 Park Avenue just had the a/c compressor and alternator replaced to the tune of $1100, and now it's having apparent electrical problems, again. To quote my daughter's experience this morning on her way to church, "The car dashboard lights died again." and then three minutes later, "About 1 min from the church building, the whole dashboard lit up with warning lights for a second and then went completely black. Everything turned off. The air conditioning, radio, dashboard back-lights, everything. The car was still running, but every light on the dash was off."

Wondering what potential problems could be.

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