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97 buick Regal LS, radiator hard to come out.


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Changing out the radiator on a 97 Buick Regal LS.
Radiator is ready to come out. Nothing is in the way, hoses and trans lines are disconnected.
The bottom of the radiator seems to be attached with rubber grommets to the bottom of the radiator
core support on the car. I'm trying to push the grommets from underneath to release the radiator, but it's
not releasing. Has anyone had this problem? This is the only thing preventing the radiator to come out.



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1996 Roadmaster Limited Collectors Edition 58k - 1996 PAU
Rock it back & forth while pulling up. Heat & age of the mounts make them firm & brittle, therefore hard to remove. I have had this problem several times & sometimes the bottom mounts will release with the radiator. The bottom mounts have little tits on the bottom to secure into the lower mount bracket. If the rubber mounts come out with the radiator, be sure to put the rubber mounts back into the bracket & lubricate with silicone before installing the radiator.
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