97 Riviera chasing gremlins


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Well it’s been s little while but the problem ended up being the balancer not cranked down tight enough. My impact wrench was loosing torque and with a good impact the problem went away as simple as that. In true form however the first fill up had gas sloshing around and ending up on the ground.

The tabs that hold the fuel pump assembled had rusted off leaving nothing to keep it down.

I got to the access hole in the trunk and used some gas resistant permatex with a new o ring and some self taping screws I clinched it down and haven’t smelled gas since.

As soon as that was fixed my idler pulley in the supercharger system blew out.

5 hour job pulling the motor mount and front wheel and access covers. Tight spaces, you need 15m, 18m, 13m long sockets. 15 m wrench, E8 and E10 external torque sockets. As jackstand and a Jack , 2x4 the width of oil pan. Felt like a jack n the box lifting and lowering the motor to get bolts out. Changed both belts is course. Waiting for what’s next!


Thanks for all the replies.


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Waiting for what’s next!


Thanks for all the replies.
When you replaced the belts, did you also replace the idler & tensioner pulleys? If not, that may be next items on the list of repairs.
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