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98 stock Regal LS vs dropped Cherokee


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1998 Buick Regal LS Stock 125,000km, 76000 m
Pretty small town, a red light that occurs every 5th or 6th time you drive through it. Canada, as irregular as that sounds to you folk. Anyways its me and my wife in the Car and these two rap blaring tattoo'd whiggers have been following us for a while dodging in and out through traffic. I'm in the left lane and they cut off someone in the right lane to stop beside us. As I said this is a rare red light with less than an eighth of a mile to the next light. Both the driver and his friend are sporting Gucci sunglasses driving a 1999/2000 murdered out lowered probably bolted on Jeep Cherokee... Guy looks at me and insolently eyes down the car and gives an ever slight jerk on his accelerator. Im sporting an XL tim hortons coffee in one hand and the lower right corner of the wheel in my right. I give him the slightest eyeing glance and wait for the green. Unspoken accord. Wife doesn't even know whats going on listening to her radio. Green hits and I give her just a normal amount of acceleration to avoid squealing the tires, up to 20k or 12 mph. I hear buddy with his 5.7L and all 4500 lbs of his truck just gun it so I wait till hes just half a car length through the intersection where as I am still in the middle of it. I hit the pedal just shy of floorboards and literally run past him 3 4 5 carlengths ahead, coffee still placed casually next to my face, take a small sip, and I can hear his huge 8cyl all rpm'd out just as i'm easing off the gas to avoid a ticket. The next stoplight came up very quickly and I already hit 100~km/hr (60mph) which is highway cruising speed here in Canada. My wife finally realizes what is going on and throws a "peace" sign with her fingers out the window. I barely made a yellow light to look in the rearview and see him running right through what I knew was a red light. By now were boxed in by traffic and I look over coffee still rested in my left arm on the arm rest to see they wont even look my way LOL
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