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99 Century Visor Removal problem


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Hey people,
My girl has a 99 Century. I'm trying to take the headliner out to redo it and am having the hardest time with what should be the easiest part. Removing the sun visors.

I've only been able to find one guide on it and am still lost.

I've turned the visor until the bevel is flush with the flange. Then, I stuck a screwdriver straight up into the flange and slowly pulled the visor back to me (while keeping pressure up on the screwdriver and pulling down on the visor). I think I heard a click but haven't since. I've pulled down and pushed up on the visor. I even tried a screwdriver in the little hole that appears behind the cover (I can't remember the name).

Any help or suggesting are highly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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