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A-pillar window trim


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Sustaining Member
St. Louis, Missouri
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2015 Buick Verano Turbo
I found a divot in my driver's side A-pillar trim and went about seeing how much it (and a few other items) would cost to replace it. I figured the trim wraparound would be relatively simple and cheap to replace. Unfortunately, it comes as a one-piece unit with the small, triangular window ahead of the front side windows. Dealer wants more than $400 to replace them both. I used the dealer as a barometer to see what might be worth filing an insurance claim on, what I could afford and what should be left alone. Unless something or someone breaks that window, I'll leave trim divot where it is; at least it won't rust.


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2013 Verano Premium (2.0T, AT)
I bought my 2013 used in 2016 with 27,000 miles.
Shortly after purchase I noticed the passenger side B-Pillar Trim piece had a piece of the glossy black cover chipped off of one of the corners. Maybe 1/2 inch square in total area, and the exposed metal underneath was rusting. I had the local dealership order a new trim piece and they replaced it while I waited. I forget the exact cost but it was around $170 with labor. Not sure if the damaged trim piece came from the factory like that or if it happened with the prior owner. Maybe caused by a drive through car wash that used brushes? Other than that one repair, the vehicle has been solid with no issues.
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