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2018 Buick Encore. First winter of owning the car At around 20,000 miles the PCV froze. Dealer repaired under warranty and installed updated parts. Since then has had intermittent slow to accelerate issue when cold. Have put on about 40,000 miles since then. Now it does it warm once in a while. Dealer says there is no issues as it has no codes. I have not dug into it yet. I was wondering if anyone had any in-site into this issue that may be helpful. I am a diesel mechanic and know very little about this engine. I was hoping someone would have some useful information before it tore into it.


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2016 Encore
Is the waste gate internal or external on the 2018? Mine is internal and I found closing it one turn on the actuator nut helped. It took it out of a wear groove where it would stick open momentarily until the vacuum actuator would apply enough force to move it. Ever since the turbo spools up immediately upon depressing the pedal. Mind was also intermittent depending if it would stick or not. This is on my 2016 Trax with 65000 miles. My Encore doesn't have enough mileage yet to show these signs of wear.
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