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Adding Rear Speakers?


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I have a couple questions about adding some aftermarket speakers in my 2012 Verano (without the Bose System). I was looking in my trunk and noticed that there are 2 empty spots in my rear deck lid that look like they can hold a couple 6x9's.(I assume they're for the Bose Option)

My questions are:

1) Is there a way to wire them into the existing sound system so they function the same as the others?

2) Is it very difficult to remove the rear deck lid to access those 2 spots?

3) Would there be/cause any issues, and would I lose any features/functions by adding additional speakers to the existing factory stereo?(i.e. Auto volume, Hands free, etc.)

I am knowledgeable in aftermarket audio installation, I just haven't had any experience with Buick.



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You probably can add them. are there grills on the top side of the deck? If you tap into the existing amp you could run it off the rear door speakers, although there is a risk of damaging that amp. You could add a new amp to run the 6x9's that would be tapped off the existing amp output and it would work.


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I have the same two empty 6X9 spots in the back of my 2014 Regal. I ordered some Pioneer TS-A6995R to put back there. As soon as I install them I will post how they sound and if it was a difficult install.


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The more I think about it, the more complicated it gets. I just got a 2015 Verano, a couple of months ago and was wondering about installing 6x9's. Thinking about the stereo interface, the back door and rear 6x9's would be under the same input value (ie fade, balance & vol). Definitely a technician question.
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Keeping the OHM's the same is usually the first challenge. Not sure on yours but most are 4 ohm speakers, so the new ones will have to match what is installed. If you are not clear on how to set it up seeking a technical person or shop to at least get you a list of what parts are needed may be the best route.
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