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Advice needed on 2013 Encore


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I am near the end of my basic Buick warranty(67,000 miles). In the past year I have had the turbocharger replaced due to coolant leakage and more recently, the catalytic converter replaced. Both covered by my basic warranty.

I am concerned about future big time repair costs beyond the 70,000 mile mark. Should I buy an extended warranty now? Or should I not be concerned beyond 70,000? A third option is to trade the 2013 Encore in after the warranty ends and look for a reliable used or new vehicle.

Any thoughts?


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A decision like that can have many factors influencing it. Extended warranty's can be pricey and quite often like any insurance you end up not using it to the point where it was not cost effective. Trading in the 2013 provides the benefit of getting a newer vehicle, perhaps with a warranty, which may have features you do not currently have. Picking up a vehicle coming off a lease gives you a low mileage vehicle that has had it's major depreciation and thus can be obtained at a good price.


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I would echo MelsRegals thoughts on extended warranty - and I would add that I have read that since GM no longer writes warranties - they are all through third parties. At a higher mileage - many claims will be denied stating they are normal wear and tear. I think you are better off putting the money aside vs paying for an extended warranty.

The turbo is probably an updated part - improved a bit from the one that came on your 2013.... Which, I believe, was the first model year... So it is good for at least another 70k miles or more.

If you decide to keep the car - I would find a reputable independent mechanic to do the work out of warranty - things at the dealer can get very expensive.

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In the past, I was a service advisor for a GM dealership. I had a 2008 Enclave. I knew all the special coverages etc that pertained to that vehicle. I also knew what wasn't covered. My wife looked online and came across a warranty called CARCHEX!!
They were awesome and covered everything from timing chains to the nav setup to the rear control arms and front struts.

Maybe give then a shout!
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