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2nd Buick I've owned (Had a Lucerne before my current 2011 LaCrosse). I do miss the Lucerne at times. I'm 36.

BTW, the average age of a Buick Buyer is less than the average of a Honda Buyer.


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2007 Lucerne CXL. and 1995 Lesabre currently, past 1973 Riviera, 1968 Riviera
59 going on 18, currently have 1995 Lesabre (166K) as a daily and a 2007 Lucerne (45K) for a weekend ride. Past Buicks 1973 Riviera (miss that one a lot) a 1969 Riviera. Others a 1966 Mr. NORMs Dodge Coronet 426 wedge, Rambler, Cadillac's bunch of Chevy cars, trucks, Suburbans.

It's now at my age that having fun because I'm older I get away with so much more. Put the Florida plates on the Lesabre, add the gray hair wig, lower the seat just to barley see over the dash, put left turn signal on with bungee cord. I can drive anyway I want and all that will happen is"Oh he's an old man driving a Buick from Florida" even the police will let this stealth mobile pass LOL.

The Lucerne is a good effort, not what could have been, but still decent. I do enjoy it and wished GM would have kicked the extior styling up a bit, this year CXL didn't come with the fogs and the front end looks like a base Malibu. Yes there are other areas that could have been improved, but it's a Cadillac ride for the cost of a Buick. Any preformance ideas on these with the V6 or other mods for brakes, handling etc love to hear as it's going to with me for awhile. Thanks


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2017 Buick Lacrosse premium awd
Just wondering what everyone's age is on here. I know Buick's typical customer is an older male (hey, these aren't cheap cars :)), but as they've been revamping their style it seems a younger crowd is also interested in a quality luxury American car. A similar thread was started on the Regal forum and there are many driver's in their 20's. I'm guessing we'll be a bit older but who knows!

Marc, 40, first Buick ever owned but I've had lots of other GM's. This LaCrosse is easily the best car I've ever owned. Couldn't be happier with it, glad I bought American.
55 years old, 2017 lacrosse premium all wheel drive, silver metallic


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Present: 2013 Lacrosse hybrid. Past: 1984 Century Custom (1992-96); 1977 Skylark coupe (1983-88).
I'm 57, bought my LaCrosse at 56. It's the third Buick I owned. I bought my great aunt's '77 Skylark coupe (Nova clone) at 19 when she went in the nursing home with alzheimer's and I got a base model '84 Century sedan from the niece of a little old lady who had gone in the nursing home with alzheimer's. I don't know about the previous owner of the LaCrosse.

I never felt stodgy in the Skylark because it looked just like a Nova and its 231 V6 had plenty of pickup. The Century was definitely an old lady car and my least favorite of any car I've owned. The nice part was I kept it almost four years, put about 30,000 miles on it and sold it for within $100 of what I originally paid for it. The LaCrosse isn't stodgy at all. I get frequent compliments on it and some people do a double-take in disbelief that it's actually a Buick.
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