Ahhh, Technology.

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1. Started using my second FOB. I like to switch back and forth between both FOB's. Now when I start car, DIC says all memories are for Driver Two. I want both FOB's the same. Can't figure out how to stop the second FOB from being for driver two. (I have most memories set the same as first FOB, just so I don't have to make any adjustments.). Any ideas? Can it be done?

2. Ahhh. Technology! Ain't it great 😱🤑. Today, for the first time since I've owned the car (12 weeks) my Navigation Screen would not come on. Said "SD Card not in slot" (or something like that). Stopped car, shut off ignition, but stayed in car. After interior lights went off, restarted car. Still no Navigation screen. Ok, I'll give it more time to reboot, so I shut off ignition, got out of car, locked door and walked away for two minutes. Came back, unlocked door, got on and started car. Navigation screen back.

Don't you just love Technology?
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1. Kindly explain the reason to switch back-and-forth between fobs because I'd imagine that is not something that an average customer would normally do. In realistic use-cases it is far more probable that the two fobs are used by two drivers, not one. For the engineers, it is well worth the time to make sure the system recognizes them both and distributes the driver settings without any setup needed, while it can cause them to overlook the possibilities that someone's randomly using both fobs.

2. It sounds like a very rare issue and can be something wrong with the microSD card slot. I'd suggest that the easiest attempt to fix it, instead of turning off the car and wait for an indefinite time (because it doesn't really mean anything to the computers), is to eject the microSD card and re-insert it.

With things that work wonders, comes things that go wrong. For all the convenience that technologies offer, I guess I'll never go back to a time with manual seats and paper maps.
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The FOB's are coded as a convenience, well for some, unless you can find a source to clone FOB #1 to #2 it's pretty much matching DIC #1 to #2. A little more info on the subject:
2015 Cloning Round-Up: The Next Generation Of Cloners Is Here

The Nav SD has some other posts on it being DOA on start up. Some feel that all systems need to be booted, screen up and running, before putting it in drive, who knows if that's a corrected method or a lucky guess, also software updates.

Car Keys and Rand McNally maps did have their perks, no memory or boot time LOL.


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This isn't the first situation on these forums where Douglas Adams doesn't comes to mind:

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”


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If you can have the same settings for driver 1 & 2 and you're the same driver...

What's the difference if the car designates it as driver one and two? It could say remote 1 & 2 and still have the options for different settings but you can set the same ones anyways.
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1. No main reason to switch from one FOB to the other. I've been doing it for years

2. Up until last week, I didn't even know the car had an SD Card. (Dick head Service Writer told me all that info downloaded over the air). Although I now know where it is, I'm not sure how to remove it. This was the first time the Navi screen failed to load. The only reason I knew to shut car off, wait, then start car again, is because ten years ago when I owned a high level car, sometimes the radio would not work. I had to shut car off for a full five minutes. On start up, radio uploaded (downloaded) and worked perfectly.
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