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air conditioning not working; the blower is not blowing at all


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2015 verano
Does anyone have any experience with their 2015 Verano's air conditioning and/or heating system not working? My fan just stopped working leaving me without heat or air conditioning.


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2008 Buick Lucerne 3.8 liter
I take it you are referring to the blower motor and its not working.

With Key on and engine off, If you turn up the blower on the controls do you hear the blower motor run?

If not:

I would check the fuse for it according to your owners manual. If the fuse is fine then you need to see if there is actual voltage on the fuse when you turn your car on and check the voltage on the fuse.

I do not know what your technical background is and what you feel comfortable doing. I do not own a car like yours but should be roughly the same idea in troubleshooting.


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1996 Roadmaster Limited Collectors Edition 58k - 1996 PAU
Blower control module may also be the problem.
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