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Any tips for replacing the shifter knob?


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The knob at the end of my shift lever broke into pieces a while ago. The upper leather part broke off and the cracked chrome lower half is just spinning on the lever.

I bought a new original knob on Ebay but I'd like to know how to actually replace it. It doesn't look like it screws on, and there are "tabs" on the lever that the knob has to go over. From what i can see, the only way is to force it on with a hammer, but that seems like it could likely result in breaking the new part (or damaging the column).

I have the service manual but it only covers replacing the whole lever. I see Dorman makes a replacement for these (and the part is used in many GM cars) so I assume this is something that has been done before.

So, is there a "proper" way to do this or do I just bang on it and hope for the best? Any tips are appreciated.

Picture of part in question:
22509532 KNOB.jpg
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