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Assembled my own 'roadside emergency kit' and it fits nicely in the Tourx drivers side cargo nook


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The built in first aid kit / safety triangle storage in the Tourx hatch inspired me to assemble a real roadside emergency kit. Contents are:

1) NOCO GB40 battery jump starter - used my Buick Reward points and it was almost free :)

2) Gear Gurus LED Flashers (set of 3). I'm impressed - they each have a magnet, multiple LED modes, and a flashlight.

3) Fasmov triple warning triangles (mentioned in the Accessories thread) (one in the cargo hatch, and the other two next to the subwoofer)

4) Adventure Medical Kits Family First Aid kit (fits in the hatch by crisscrossing the Velcro straps)

5) 4 pack of emergency mylar blankets. (never ever used one of these, not sure if they are worth a dam)

6) 5 pack of emergency rain ponchos (a cheap rain poncho is better than no poncho)

7) inexpensive multi tool

8) work gloves

9) micro fiber rag

10) small canvas tool bag from Harbor Freight. cheap canvas plain bag 15'' x 8.5'' x 6'' - and everything above fits with room to spare.


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Interesting Inverter setup; just held up there with velcro?
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