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Attn Cashmere Leather Owners...


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Pinckney, MI
Buick Ownership
2013 Verano Turbo
I have two young boys, both that require a booster child seat in the back. I recently removed them to allow some friends to sit in the back seat for a night out. When I removed the boosters, I noticed how scuffed up the leather was where the plastic was rubbing against it.

Now, to be fair, I keep a towel underneath each booster to keep the leather in good shape. What I didn't catch, was how the back of the booster was rubbing on the vertical portion. It was rubbing off and leaving a bit of gray, almost like pencil dust or something, on the back seat. I had a canister of leather wipes in my trunk, for just such an occasion, but still had to scrub pretty good.

In addition, I noticed the same effect happening where the middle seat verticle strap sits in its unused position. The seatbelt clip itself was leaving a similar "charcoal" scuff on the seat. I can attribute this to late summer days, windows open, and that seatbelt "flapping" against the back seat.

In any case, I plan on performing a little more protection between the booster and the leather as well as plan routine removal and wiping.

So, cashmere leather owners...here's your PSA. ;-) Check that leather and that middle seatbelt for scuffing and marks.
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