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Providing the GM Document Number: 5035680, and their TSB #17436-02 should really be enough for any competent service person to find this. I can't post the TSB here because GM documents are copyrighted.

If you find that having the document is absolutely vital (personally I would find another dealer if that is the case) you can pay $20 for three (3) days of unlimited access to the service manual and all TSBs for any GM vehicle by visiting:
and clicking the button to "subscribe" on the left side of the Web page where it says: " General Motors Service Repair Manual Information."


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Okay, thanks Ken... you're right, that really ought to be enough for them to find it... I'd like to have read it myself (I worked for an electric forklift dealer for almost 30 years, and TSB's and PIN's (product improvement notices) were a way of life.) Not much they could post that I wouldn't understand. Thanks again.


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The AWD in my 2017 Buick Encore is not working.

I am paying for an AWD vehicle and currently, in the worst of winter (Northern Michigan), am experiencing unsafe driving conditions because my vehicle’s AWD system has shut off. The short drive from home to work and back again is frightening, to say the least. And I have to worry too, about picking up my daughter across town from her school, and certain days of the week, driving further out of town to pick her up from her dad’s house. Lots of hills and curves that, during these winter storms, I often see people struggle to get up them while I am able to drive them without a problem. Now….. I’m feel as though I’ve already been stranded. And what about my weekly trip out of town to my church and to visit family? Am I just not supposed to go anywhere until the roads are clear?

So when the vehicle I’m paying for is faulty, I am not going to simply hear “there’s nothing wrong with it” and continue to drive it while it’s unsafe. There most certainly IS something wrong with it, you really need to figure out how to fix it. Why should I continue to pay for an unsafe vehicle that NEEDS to be fixed. There must be an alternative, a Plan B, that you use when things like this happen to your vehicles. Something such as providing a comparable – AND SAFE – vehicle to use in the interim of my vehicle having this issue, or provided some sort of financial credit since I AM PAYING FOR AN AWD VEHCILE, but I’m not DRIVING an AWD vehicle. Or getting me out of this lease and into something at the same price – that IS safe.

I've read through this thread and if there are this many people having the same issue, why is there not a recall to correct whatever is faulty? I have shown this thread to my dealership and I am still being told "we can't find anything wrong". My dealership is fantastic, but there IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS VEHICLE, and GM needs to do something about it.


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Ruby, you're asking in the wrong place. This is an owner's forum. Buick reps occasionally answer posts but it's rare. You are right, you should get what you paid for. But your dealer is not fantastic. They are not getting to the bottom of the issue and they should be. Your dealer needs to be your advocate. Either take it to another dealer or call GM customer service and get in touch with a regional rep.

I will say this, ours does not have AWD and we've never felt unsafe in all this heavy snow. The AWD helps a lot in getting going from a dead stop, but even without it the car gets around pretty good.
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