Back in a Buick after 20 years - Diggin' it Big Time !

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1 Month into this '13 LaCrosse Leather, V6, with 18" Chromies... Low Milage - Elderly 1 Owner Unit...


Hey Everybody ! I traded in my trusty Work Car, an '03 Nissan 350Z for a bit of up upscale Luxury....


OK, I've proven to all here that I'm bit off the wall...

Why in world would anyone in their right mind part with this Durable Trooper of a Sports Car for of all things... A Buick ?

Well, the Z car was a thrill to drive, 287 HP, 3.5 V6, RWD, Awesome Sounding Exhaust, Tight, and Pretty.

But, it was 16 years old, crept up to 93,000 miles, and was needing lots of nagging little repairs to keep it right...Power Window Motor, Stereo Head Unit, Shocks, Rear Hatch Struts, and it developed an oil leak...

Thought why put money into a vehicle that was just that old, and eventually going to need more repairs and replacement stuff over the course of time...

Also, I hurl myself down treacherous heavily trafficked highways with trucks, white knuckled travelers, and other crazy commuters on a 30 mile 1 way commute 5 days a week, and in a 16 year old small car... perhaps better get something newer and safer...

So, I started looking for an AWD Luxury Car with Comparable Power & Fun Factor to the Z...

Was looking at used '15 Infiniti Q50s, '17 Lincoln MKZs with newer non-winged Grill, BMW 3 Series, Lexus ISs'... etc.... All these cars were in mid $20,000 dollar range....

I always liked the LaCrosse Gen II when it debuted in '10 as the GM Post Bankruptcy Import Benchmarked Darling to win back Americans from likes of Lexus and Infiniti.

Never really thought of owning one... The Buick Tri-Shield was a "Stodgy - Old Person's" Brand...

Well, there it was... at a Buick dealership I love and trusted... and at price $10,000 less than what I was looking at... with only 21,000 miles, a 1 owner local trade in owned by an 84 year old lady who gave up driving, and used it to trade in for a new car for her daughter...

So far, I'm so much diggin' the smooth ride, added room, the ability to use as a "family car" too on occasion with the back seat, something the Z could never do...

SO.. I went up 10 years in vehicle, 72,000 fewer miles, and landed back in a Buick after 20 years.
Had 2 '91 Regals back in the day, Great Cars then, Loved the 1st so much, we got another, wife & I had matching cars, hers a Blue Custom, mine a Garnet Red Limited.

Life happens, the SUV Craze, and need for more Family Room, etc...we parted with Buicks, and now are back.

Went on long enough here, I'll pollute the other threads on this forum with my insights and wisdom, so..
Here I am - Welcome Me !


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Welcome. I've found Buick makes toss-able rides. It may not be their primary engineering focus (sans the Regal GS), but for most driver's use on public roads they're decent. I realized with my transition to Buick (3 years+ ago) that I rarely drive the car hard enough to need something truly sporty. For me the trade off to have something comfortable, reasonably quick, and practical is/was a no brainer. Add to that there's always deals on them and it was an easy sell (twice) for me.

Bhodi's Buick

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Lake Michigan's South Shore
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'13 LaCrosse 303 HP V6
The intent with the LaCrosse was to get a comfortable commuter car with the ability to do some family time too when the full blown Full Size GMC SUV wasn't required.

I agree, Performance cars can get one in trouble, and on a daily practical basis, aren't needed.
But.... High Performance Sport Coupes sure are fun as hell to drive and can stroke the ego whereas a Buick appeals to the more sensible side.

I find people trying to pass me all day long in the LaCrosse, they assume I'm some old retired person lolly-gagging along in the fast lane who shouldn't be there...Not even the dual chrome Exhaust Ports get any respect out there...


The LaCrosse really is a difficult car to capture in imagery.

It's not camera lens friendly for some reason. It's overall essence doesn't translate well in 2D.

I'll do my best to dispel that as time goes on, but so far weather has been ugly in my parts.
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