Back up Camera on Screen Crazy Bright at Night

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Maybe it's just me, but I'm curious. When it's very dark out I find that the screen display for the back up camera is so bright that it makes it nearly impossible to use my mirrors...IE, you look at the screen, want to double check your mirrors, but the screen is so bright the mirrors are just about unusable... or, now that I'm typing, maybe there's a brightness adjustment I wasn't aware of??
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2018 TourX
Just curious, how is the brightness when you have it set to 'night' at night time? If neither 'auto' or 'night' settings dim the display (or one does and the other doesn't) then the dealer needs to fix it just like my passenger seat lumbar not working issue.
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Can I assume that you tried dimming the dash light knob on the left side (by the headlight control)? My car is in the shop for the lower control arm issue so I can't verify if that control affects the screen.
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