Bad MAF Sensor on 1998 Lesabre 3.8


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I have been fighting with an occasional low speed hesitation after the engine warms up. More of a nuisance than anything. No codes, or any indication of what the cause was. In desperation, I guessed MAF. The MAF was cleaned several times over a period of several weeks, with the special cleaner, but no change. I finally broke down and took the chance of buying a new MAF sensor. I did not want to pay a premium price for a OEM quality replacement, as I was just guessing as to the cause, and if I was wrong the loss would be minimum.

I paid $17 on fleabay, for a Chicom unit. I normally don't like buying Chicom stuff, but I made an exception here. Any how it worked and fixed my problem. One thing I noticed right away, is the screw holes for attaching it to the engine were off a little. The screws were going in pigeon toed, and the holes needed to be relieved a little to fit. As much Chicom stuff, it is built to a price rather than a standard, and this was no exception. Anyhow if this one eventually dies, I will get a good one the next time.
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