Battery Replacement


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My wife had mentioned that it “Sounded kinda hesitant” when starting. I tried it and it seemed just fine.
1 week later, it left me High & Dry on my way to church. Stopped at Sheetz, got a paper, fired up & was about to pass the pumps but noticed I was at ½ full. Got gas and would not restart. (Once again should have listened to my wife)

A Pickup truck in the next bay had cables, we jumped it and I took it home and put it away to deal with after worship.

That afternoon I put in an older Bosch that I had removed from the PT Cruiser that we traded in because that battery was only a year old. Had been charging it occasionally over the past few years.

Car fired right up. Did a charge test to see that indeed the car was putting out well over 13vdc while running, and the old battery was holding about 12.70 vdc while the car was off.

Did charge up the original Delco and placed it in the rear hatch along with a set of jumper cables. We swapped cars for the past 4 days and the Buick has started just fine each time (though the Bosh was a bit undersized)

So having the Delco with me in the trunk, I stopped into NAPA yesterday… they did a Load Test on the Delco and it came up to only 140 CCA. So with my wife reminding me that the Bosch was at least 4 years old….. I bought a new NAPA. I did have them test the old Bosch and it came in at 480 CCA (so still a keeper) Traded in the Delco.

Other's experience?



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a battery no longer holding charge after close to 4 years in service is not out of the ordinary.
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