Battery/starting issues


2016 new old stock purchased in December 2017. Throng of passneger side airbag uindiactor issues. Finally the dealer replaced the passenger air-bag seat sensor module that was allegedly a descrepancy in a service bulletin. Now months later battery problems? After seeing that the coolant reservoir hadn't been checked or topped off, I'm reluctant to visit the dealership in question. I'll try another dealership that is closer to my house although I truly beleive in the repeat customer theory.


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I own a 2015 Verano that I bought brand new. It is now on its third battery. The original battery lasted 20 months, the second (dealer installed) lasted 15 months. The third (also from the dealer)? Have to wait and see. It is now 10 days old. Wondering about all this.


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2015 Turbo, also bought new - my first battery lasted 2 years, then was replaced by the dealer under warranty. Going on 2 years now and crossing my fingers... If I replace it again, it won't be at the dealer.


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I have a Walmart supplied battery in my car that is 4-yrs old and still going strong with 12.6v & regular cell fill checks with external charging after short trips. I also carry a jump starter power pack in the trunk (fully charged) in case I ever need one.


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My 2013 2.0L Turbo still has it's original battery.... at least for a couple more days when I will have time to change it.
It just started showing signs of dying. Slow cranking on startup.

Partially my fault. Until a couple of days ago, the car had sat for 2 months without being started, which will obviously drain a battery due to all of the electronic "memory" on the newer cars.

Surprisingly, the car did start without a jump, but just barely...
Drove it for about an hour and then parked it for the night.
Less than 24 hrs later, it still started but not without a few slow cranks.
Alternator is fine, battery just won't hold a charge.

I will replace it myself with an Interstate Battery.
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