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Best option for upgrading speakers in 2019 Encore (non Bose)


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2019 Encore (non Bose)

Title kind of says it all. Got my Encore in Feb and am loving it, but I’m thinking about upgrading the speakers. I was thinking of doing a new component set in the front doors and pillars and new speakers in the rear doors. Also hoping to add a sub. What I am not sure of is if I need an amp to drive all of this? Can I get away with using the amp near the frisbee for the speakers and go with a powered sub? Have people gone with an under seat sub (passenger seat I’m assuming) or another option? Any impact on the factory noise canceling from a project like this? Thanks.


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yes, you can change out your speakers and get a noticeable upgrade difference
(pay attention to their efficiency ratings if not adding an amp)

no, you can't use the amp by the frisbee, it's exclusively in use by the noise
reduction setup.

yes, you'll need to disable your noise reduction setup to add a quality aftermarket
sound setup (sorry)

yes, you can add a self powered sub, change out the oem speakers with aftermarket,
and not add an amp or go overboard with equipment and gain a healthy improvement
over stock.
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