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Best Tire for Lucerne

Dan Fahey

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2010 Buick Lucern CXL
Have two 2010 Lucerne’s one got from parents with 75000 and new CXL with 7000 miles. ;-)
Just had the trans replaced in Parents car. No warning and something in Pump or Converter quit. Got new trans and gasgets replaced for $4000... ouch..now need new tires..have BFGs on the 1997 Bonneville which has 145000 miles on it. Same body styles as Lucerne. Good grip and snow performance.

Want good price. Prefer road performance grip over tire longevity. It has to be a good overall tire. Daughter drives this car.

Seems Bridgestone Escopia 422 has mixed reviews. Mostly poor.
Michelin Premire A/S really good reviews
See good comparisons with Continental, , Michelin and Perrelli Touring
Like BFGs from experience.
Like Nitto’s on my 94 Caprice wagon.
Rated 2200 lb per tire. Use these for Towing.
Use Nittos and BFG Performance for the strip street strip car.
Kumho’s for street tend to be slippery in all weather but dry conditions.

Need every for day Street use.
Safety for family is first.
Want good wear and comfort yet excellent handling and grip.
Ability to handle city driving at same time long trips.
Decent price...


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2007 Lucerne CXL. and 1995 Lesabre currently, past 1973 Riviera, 1968 Riviera
Let me be the first to say Tirerack to at least look at what would be available and ideas on price, keeping in mind the out the door price that will include free
road hazard flat repair, free replacement and free rotation. I will look at the tread design as what will work for my needs and budget then read the reviews, noise really isn't on my list of concerns as it also the road surfaces that can make a difference. I'm in the Chicago land area and make trips up to Minnesota so I'm more interested in winter / rain performance and if it will work well in the summer it's a plus, noise is muted by the car stereo LOL.


Just bought a set of Cooper grand touring rated at 80,000 miles. Tire shop where I bought them said either the Coopers or Falken tires would be best for lucerne.
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