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Black 1989 Buick Reatta


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1989 Buick Reatta
I’ve got a black 1989 Buick Reatta with some damage on the driver side headlight. The brakes are shot and the cheapest used part I found was $400 to fix they still work though just have to press down very hard. It has an electric problem that I can’t figure out, it starts and runs for 20 minutes at most. It does two extra screen plus the one it. A replacement dash, the motor was swapped in 2015 and it has a 163 k miles on it. I want to sell it but was unsure how much to ask? I’d hate to scrap it since it’s such a rare amazing car but would be willing to part out if that’s a smarter route to go, would love to help someone get the parts they need for theirs.


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Sorry to here about the problems with the Reatta. You may want to post in the classified ad section if you want to part it out. Post thread
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