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Dear Buick representatives,

These Issues already been check by my dealer but i don't have a solution yet.

1. Sunroof and Moonroof are built from screens (like a net). This cause to a direct sun to get into the car and at noon, when the sun is in the middle of the sky, people in the car don't have shade and actually needs a hat inside the car. I asked the dealer to check for a replacement part, a full shande (no net). He replied that there is no such part.
I took few pictures of my daughter, sitting in her carseat, and get full sun light vs other areas in the car(i will share these pictures privately if needed). This issue need an ASAP help as i don't think that i need to use a sunscreen before any noon ride.

2. Air Condition is very low at the mid and back of the car. Even i visited the dealer to check that twice, nothing looks bad for them. But still, It's very hot in the car.
That's happen even if i set the Rear AC for 60f, and using the Fan on 3 or 4. I don't even talk about the noise that i have in the car while using the Fan on 3 or 4.
This issue also need as ASAP help as thinking if to use the car at noon or not, makes the car useless.

BTW - I have more few issues with this car but the above are the main problem. This is so bad that i'm thinking on bringing the car back.
On both issues i'm very disappointed with Buick.
I changed to Buick Enclave 2015, from a Mazda CX9, that was perfect with lots of aspects.
Please your help with give me back the trust with Buick.

Waiting for your ASAP reply.
San Francisco, CA.
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