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Buick Encore - uncomfortable head rest reversal


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2016 Buick Encore, 2019 Buick Encore

This video will show you how to remove and turn around an uncomfortable headrest on a (newer) Buick Encore.
I have done it on both a 2016 Encore and on a 2019 Encore. I'm fairly sure it will work on any type of car that has
a "pin release" mechanism on the headrests.

In the video, the woman is removing a headrest with two pin release holes - one on each post. My Encores had only one pinhole
release on each headrest, so it's even quicker to do. (She isn't reversing them, just removing them to install seat covers, but it's the same procedure to spin them around 'backward')
What a difference!! Like night and day!
No more having your head pushed forward like a damn turtle and/or pushed down until your chin is resting on your chest!
I picked up my new car off the dealer's lot two days ago and had a 20-minute highway drive home before I had a chance to reverse the headrest. OMG! The neck pain and headache I had by the time I got home was unbelievable. I don't know who designed these newer headrests, but they should be fired!

Anyway, I hope this helps others who can't tolerate the uncomfortable, pain-inducing headrests. Good Luck!


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Yep, they are terrible. Turning it around is one way. We simply raise them up a couple of inches.
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