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Caliper Cover Installation and Jacking Tips


2019 TourX
Since I've had an inquiry about how I installed MGP caliper covers on my 2019 TourX, I thought I'd start a thread with information about how I did the job.

1. Jacking up the car for wheel removal. I used the magnetic jack adapter in the photograph to jack up one wheel at a time with my floor jack and installed one cover at a time. I did not use the pinch weld slot designated for the factory style scissor jack. Instead, I placed the magnetic pad on the pinch weld immediately adjacent to the slot and placed a jack stand nearby under the pinch weld for safety. Attached is a diagram that suggests good places for jack placement. The pinch welds will work great but be sure and use an adapter similar to the one in the photograph or you'll risk bending the pinch weld. Amazon has magnetic adapters that are relatively inexpensive.

2. Caliper cover installation. The following link shows the installation on a Scion Frs but the process is basically the same for our cars.
In addition to the video, the instructions furnished with the covers are good. I used a feeler gauge to check clearances between the attachment clips and the brake discs and had plenty of clearance. I also visually insured that there was plenty of clearance between the wheel spokes and the calipers before installing the covers. I'm running aftermarket wheels so be advised that stock wheel clearances may differ.

The above remarks are not inclusive of everything, but hopefully, they are helpful. The covers don't just "snap on" but are an easy install for someone with rudimentary mechanical knowledge and ordinary tools.


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