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Can an FE1 suspension be upgraded to an FE2 on a 2007 LaCrosse?


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I have a new-used '07 Lacrosse with the FE1 soft ride suspension and I am not happy with it. I'd like to know what is involved with swapping parts to get the FE2 setup.


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All the front parts, strut, spring, front sway bar are discontinued from GM
Rear bar is still available
Rear springs maybe available you need the RPO code for the FE2 to find it.
Rear strut discontinued.


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Why are you not happy with the FE1 suspension? Is it too soft riding, or is there a handling issue you are not satisfied with? You bought a 13-yr old car (with unknown miles to us) that may need some strut/shock replacement and some other replacement bushings in the sway bars. We need a better definition of why you are not a happy camper with that car? Thanks
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